Full Exposure Photography


How do we help you with the story you want to tell?

If there are trinkets, keepsakes, small statues, that you wish us to feature, we will arrange a safe meeting in the PPE of our own choosing so the items to be featured are discussed in detail. Details discussed may include backdrop preference, surrounding environment, etc. The more detail covered the more understanding we have to execute a perfect story as a portrait.

If there is a product shoot, we will discuss the best means to send the item(s) to our studio, where the project will be completed.

How are prints formatted, delivered, etc.?

How are prints formatted, delivered, etc.?

A total of 3 prints ( web ready, jpeg high quality and 4 k print) will be emailed directly to the client following the session. Typical turn around is 1-3 days. Many times these prints are given within hours of the shoot.

All additional prints (if requested) are uploaded to a third party site where from there you will choose your own dimensions, frame, matte, resolution, etc.


We have a standard fee structure for each shoot:

All trinkets, keepsake, small statues and related objects photoshoot sessions are $ (call for quote) each.

Example - 3 trinkets = 3 different sessions @ $(call for quote) each = $(call for quote) plus HST/GST.

If you have multiple items we will discuss a bulk item rate. Rates start from $(call for quote) for this arrangement.

Any expected time over the 3 hour mark is rounded up to the half-hour rate of $(call for quote).

Example - if a shoot takes 3 1/2 hours the total for the session is $(call for quote) plus GST/HST.

Why choose us?

We re-arrange the industry standard pricing structures, hold high to safety and quality session standards, and deliver high quality work.