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The At home photoshoot - a perfect fit?

The home photoshoot is often the bane of jokes among professional photographers. The reasons for such disdain for a setting are many. Among the issues are:

- too small of a space

- light control issues

- cramped & claustrophobic

- hazardous if too many lights are plugged in among many stands

- no room to move

and many other cringe-worthy details apply as well.

Fortunately, there are photographers who adore small, tight home setups and have managed to make their work not only relevant but highly professional with a minimum amount of crowded gear and avoid the cramping nature of a small space. One of those photographers is Jeff Rojas - 

"My 60 square foot studio that I have built in my apartment (is designed) to combat just that."

If we breakdown a photoshoot to its rawest components we would most likely find:

  • Tripod and camera with lens

  • A simple back drop or a wall

  • A high source of light as the key light or from a window, or a small speed light on a stand positioned to bounce light off a light coloured ceiling.

  • One or two flags (to block light) or reflectors to augment light and its placement

  • possibly one more speed lights on a stand to add light where needed

If seasoned professionals make solid use of living space to assure the progression of their craft, maybe fellow photographers should take note and follow suit.

Bill Bistak, B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc., CRT