Full Exposure Photography

Still Life and Styled Photography

The Consult

30 minute FREE consultation by Zoom, FaceTime or Skype. We can also have a phone call, if requested.

We discuss the ins/outs of your product and how best it should be presented to the world.


The Product

Using a sample or prototype of the product, we assess  and craft the greatest presentation possible for today's market. When delivered or picked up, today's new safety standards are 100% honoured and maintained.

Industry Examples

The Deliverables

The project results are delivered via the industry standard formats such as jpeg, TIFF, HDR, etc. and any other format required for your campaign.



Eva G., owner of Petsluvus.ca
His product photos were better than other creative images from other online sources!
Becky C., Online Blogger
With Bill it is not only about creating amazing photos! From the first moment you are swept into this amazing creative process...



Drop and pop services 

A product on a one color background is standard for many and we can do the same without compromise.

light bulb

Still life brings life to the ordinary

Your product can breathe and we can prove it. Let us create a life for your product and have your customers line up expecting to own greatness.

desk layout

Flat Lay imagery

Nothing is sexier than a product layout demonstrating effortless simplicity and sophistication.


calligraphy pen

How do we develop your story?

  • We develop your story with a quick 30 minute consultation about your product.

  • Together, we learn about your product's appeal, character, etc. and how it can be brought into the limelight and hold maximum saleable impact in the marketplace.


how do we arrange The shoot?

Are revisions possible?

  • All photography is performed in-house 

  • Production time is efficient, thus shaping a beautiful result.

  • We can schedule preview sessions during the course of your project so we can tweak for the best overall result.


What formats are Delivered?

how and when?

  • Prints are delivered by Dropbox (the fastest form of delivery) as TIFF files or formats pre-determined in the development stage.

  • Turn-around can be as little as one day to two weeks, depending on the size of the project.

Service packages

Basic Level

Starting from $40 per product 

Includes in pkg

  •  3-5 Images in format of your choosing

  • Add $5 per image if more is required  

    Example - $40 for 5 images, $5 each additional

Advanced Level



Please Call

416 788 0118

A quick Word of appreciation

I  started Fullexposurephotography.ca in late 2018
with a goal to infuse life into products of any kind.

I am pleased to meet you, and
I hope we work together soon.

Bill Bistak,
Conceptual Product Photographer